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Photo Gallery de Vida Guerra
Pictures of Sexy Latina Model Vida Guerra, The Gorgeous Cuban Swimsuit Cover Girl

vida_guerra_bikini1.jpg 2.6K

vida_guerra_blow_job1.jpg 2.0K

vida_guerra_breast1.jpg 2.0K

vida_guerra_buut1.jpg 2.2K

vida_guerra_cuba1.jpg 2.4K

vida_guerra_daisey_dukes1.jpg 3.5K

vida_guerra_drunk1.jpg 2.5K

vida_guerra_hair1.jpg 2.9K

vida_guerra_high_heels1.jpg 2.9K

vida_guerra_hottie1.jpg 2.8K

vida_guerra_knees1.jpg 2.5K

vida_guerra_latin1.jpg 2.5K

vida_guerra_latina1.jpg 3.2K

vida_guerra_puerto_rico1.jpg 1.9K

vida_guerra_pumps1.jpg 1.7K

vida_guerra_red_lingerie1.jpg 2.3K

vida_guerra_shirt1.jpg 3.5K

vida_guerra_spanish1.jpg 2.8K

vida_guerra_swimsuit1.jpg 2.6K

vida_guerra_white1.jpg 2.5K

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Vida Guerra has made a new dvd titled Vida Guerra 2005 - 2009 Swimsuit Calendar (shot in 2005). Description of this hot latina dvd is: Gorgeous Cuban cover girl Vida Guerra makes the months pass enjoyably with her latest swimsuit calendar, and this Vida Guerra program takes viewers behind the scenes of the sexy shoot with exclusive, intimate footage of this latino hottie.

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